The Immersion Enrollment Details

Once you receive an invitation to enroll in The Immersion Coaching Retreat, you’re ready to take the Nxt steps toward preparing for your Immersion experience.

  1. The Immersion is only offered on a limited basis. You can select available dates from the calendar below.
  2. Your experience will begin on a Wednesday afternoon when you arrive at CC Blue Ranch and last through lunch on Friday.  The Immersion was purposefully designed around these days so that you can have the weekend to ruminate about your experience before re-entering your daily routine.  If these days don’t work for you however, please fill out the contact form to discuss dates with Cindy.
  3. On your last day, you can have some time to yourself on the Ranch, invite your family to join you for additional days (through our Airbnb), or head back home to continue processing what you have learned.

The Immersion

The Immersion Dates for 2023

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1 - 3 and 15 - 17


15 - 17 and 22 - 24


5 - 7 and 12 - 14 and 26 - 28


3 - 5 and 17 - 19 and 31 - Jun / 2


14 - 16


12 - 14 and 26 - 28


9 - 11 and 16 - 18 and 23 - 25


20 - 22 and 27 - 29


11 - 13 and 18 - 20 and 25 - 27


1 - 3 and 8 - 10 and 15 - 17


6 - 8

the immersion


Fees are all-inclusive, covering all conversations with Cindy prior to your arrival at CC Blue Ranch and throughout your stay, 5-star accommodations, meals, snacks, and beverages.

A deposit of 50% and a signed agreement will be required before your Immersion date can be confirmed. Final payment will be due 45 days in advance of your scheduled Immersion date.

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Given the unique nature of The Immersion program and the limited number of enrollments available, the cancellation policy is as follows:

*Please note: If you are unable to attend your Immersion session after paying your deposit and/or final fee, you may apply your deposit and/or final payment to a rescheduled date within the 6 months following your Immersion date. Or, you may seek to transfer your enrollment to another person who can take your place. Please be aware that any transfer enrollment must be conducted through the referral and invitation process required for anyone to enroll in the Immersion program. Once the enrollment transfer has been successfully booked and full payment has been received, a full refund will be provided to you.

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Nxt Follow-up Coaching: Your Immersion Follow-Through

Before you leave CC Blue Ranch, you will be given the opportunity to set up Nxt Follow-Up Coaching for the next 6-12 months following your Immersion experience. This Nxt Follow-up Coaching ensures that you’re fully supported as you follow through with the plans and action items you committed to during your Immersion experience.

Nxt Follow-up Coaching is about keeping your momentum going, giving you accountability when you need it, and providing you with the guidance and support you need to move you into your Nxt.

The scheduling and fees for Nxt Follow-up Coaching are determined by your individual needs.

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