Finding Your Nxt is code for change

Since when did change become something to avoid?  Changing your job.  Changing your relationship.  Changing where you live?  Even changing your hairstyle is often met with a collective NOOOOOOOO!  Don’t change!  Stay just the way you are!  

Change happens all the time, but somewhere along the way, change became a dirty word.  Change became something that makes us uncomfortable.  Something that is unknown, and therefore terrifying.  It’s gotten such a bad rap that we often feel like we must get angry and defensive and scared enough to hold onto whatever we have (even if it’s not making us happy), because the very idea of making a change is far scarier than staying in a situation that doesn’t work or is even harmful to our well-being.

So why are we afraid of making bigger changes in our lives?  

Finding Your Nxt is about first identifying and confronting the blockers that stop you from making important changes in your life.

There are so many things that can stop you from moving ahead, but there are 5 main blockers that can keep you from finding your Nxt.  They are:

1. Fear of the Unknown

2. Fear of Failure

3. Willingness to Settle 

4. Letting the “Buts” Stop You

5. Denial

These blockers are insidious.  Any one of these can convince you that you should stay where you are, even if you’re unhappy or unsatisfied with where that is.  They can get in your way.  They can keep you from moving forward.  They can stop you from making any changes in your life to meet your needs.  They can also provide you with the excuse(s) you need to stay stagnant, to stop you from looking at new possibilities, and sometimes even paralyze you in such a way that allow you to settle for a life that you never thought you’d ever want to live.  Most importantly, they can stop you from reaching your potential or your Nxt step. 

All these blockers are interrelated to one another and often feed off of each other.  You can experience one blocker at a time, or multiple blockers at the same time, making it extremely difficult to pinpoint which one is really stopping you from moving forward.   They can pile up on you all at once or slide in one after another feeding off the fear and trepidation that normally comes from addressing any type of change needed to move you forward.  It’s not uncommon for people to want to make a change in their life but find themselves paralyzed from doing so because they’re experiencing one or more of these blockers.

Finding Your Nxt is about transforming change into a positive part of your life.

Finding Your Nxt is about learning how to embrace the possibilities that could transform your future.  It’s about initiating big changes in your life by creating the expectation that you should be thriving.  It’s about recognizing that if you want more, you can have more.  

Once you’re able to break through any blockers getting in your way, and experience the process of Finding Your Nxt, you’ll be free to explore all the ideas, possibilities and opportunities presenting themselves to you in the future.  You’ll open yourself up to change and embrace it as a positive and enhancing experience to help you continually thrive.

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