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Finding your nxt with Cindy

Cindy’s often asked “Are you a business coach or a life coach?” and her answer is always “I’m pretty sure your work is a big part of your life, and your personal life is deeply connected to your work…so separating work from life in my coaching has never made any sense to me.”  

“I see myself as a Coach who focuses on the whole person, not on one part or the other.”   

And that pretty much sums up who Cindy is.  She coaches her clients on business and work when that’s front and center, or on their personal lives when that rises to the surface.  It’s all part of life.

As a businesswoman for over 40 years who has started several of her own businesses including being the Founder and CEO of a national B2B company that provided work/life services to employees of top Fortune 500 businesses, she knows the life cycle of a business and loves working with entrepreneurs and their employees on tactical and strategic challenges, as well as coaching them in their leadership and organizational development as they scale their companies growth.  

Cindy has extensive leadership experience from her businesses, in her leadership roles on community non-profit Boards, and was the Founder of the Women’s Council that brought hundreds of women business leaders and young business professionals together to inspire leadership development for all of our future business leaders and to include more diversity in the workplace.  And she just loves nurturing and developing leaders at all levels of an organization.

Cindy is all about helping folks find their Nxt.  She’s done it successfully for herself time and again, and has now clearly defined the steps and processes necessary for others to find their Nxt as well.  It doesn’t matter what that Nxt is…Cindy loves to figure it out with her clients.  It could be the Nxt stage of a business…or the Nxt step in a career…or the Nxt iteration of a relationship or life-style.  Cindy is able to guide each and every one of her clients to Find their Nxt.  

The Early Years

Cindy began her work career in 1975 when she and her parents moved to the Centennial State of Colorado.

Her first foray into business began by opening a boutique retail plant shop with her parents called The Plantastiks – which taught her business fundamentals while putting her through College, and then after graduation (and closing the shop), Cindy decided to try her hand at politics by joining US Senator Gary Hart’s staff in his Denver office.  She left the political world after several years to work at a local non-profit agency as a children and youth director, where her time developing new family care programs prompted her to go to graduate school for a Master’s Degree in Social Work – giving her the foundation and idea for starting her next business venture (and ultimately leading to her Coaching career later in life).

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Untapped Opportunities

Cindy anticipated that her Nxt would be a career in public policy or with a non-profit, but in graduate school she realized there was an untapped opportunity to provide much needed work-life benefits in the workplace…so she started her own business to provide those services to corporations.

That company – Work Options Group, grew to become a leading back-up care company serving over one million employees of Fortune 500 businesses throughout the US.  After a successful twenty year run of building a solid organization with over 100 employees and an A-list of clients, Cindy knew it was time to sell the company.  In 2009, Work Options Group sold to its top competitor through an exciting competitive bid process that Cindy considers to be one of the most enlightening times of her career.  The whole experience gave her a deep understanding into the life cycle of businesses and the challenges their Founder/Entrepreneurs face as they grow their companies.   

Once the company sold, Cindy used all of her business and leadership experience to move on to her most challenging Nxts yet…the building of CC Blue Ranch and the creation of the Immersion: Finding Your Nxt.

Reimagining Work & Life

Post Work Options Group, Cindy (along with her life-partner Matthew), bought a 35-acre property in southwest Colorado, which they later named CC Blue.

With nothing on it but pasture land, and located six hours from family and friends, Cindy and Matthew realized this was an opportunity to totally reimagine how their lives could be lived.

Over the next 10 years, she and Matthew built CC Blue into their Nxt best lifestyle with the result being a unique ranch environment which blends their love of animals, sustainable living, hosting, dancing, and coaching into one integrated way of life.

CC Blue Ranch is now the beautiful setting for The Immersion program.

Today, Cindy and Matthew live on their beautiful working ranch with dogs Charlee and Finn and dozens of farm animals. They work hard during the day, host their Immersion guests throughout the year to Find their Nxts, run a successful Airbnb on property, share their lives and ranch with family and friends, and dance together whenever they can… living in the most fulfilling, inspiring, and sustainable way they can.

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Credentials & Recognition

  • Masters of Social Work, University of Denver
  • Founder and CEO, Work Options Group
  • Past Presidents of the Boards of Community Food Share, Hospice of Boulder County, and The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Board Member of the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado
  • Creator and Chairwoman of the Women’s Council and The Wild Summit, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado
  • Founder and Principal, 2 Degrees Coaching
  • Founder and Chief, CC Blue Enterprises
  • Founder and Principal, The Immersion
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